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DJ MKW’s “Let’s Have A Kiki Mix”

22 May


The sun is out and it’s time to shape my body back to summer public swimwear worthiness and thus, a new mix to motivate. Includes amazing new track by some of my absolute faves like the Scissor Sisters, Little Boots, Dragonette, Bag Raiders, Sam Sparro and Roisin Murphy. But for you pop slags, don’t fret, it also features the latest singles from Katy Perry, Rihanna, Nelly Furtado and Kat Graham of Vampire Diaries fame. Tag me.

DJ MKW’s “Let’s Have A Kiki Mix” – 77 mins

1. Let’s Have A Kiki – Scissor Sisters
2. Let It Go (Remix) – Dragonette
3. Wide Awake (Remix) – Katy Perry
4. Boadicea (Remix) – Mason feat. Roisin Murphy
5. Perfect World (Remix) – The Gossip
6. Put Your Graffiti On Me (Remix) – Kat Graham
7. Big Hoops (Remix) – Nelly Furtado
8. Fuck Up The Fun – Azealia Banks
9. Every Night I Say A Prayer (Remix) – Little Boots
10. Snake Charmer (Remix) – Bag Raiders
11. Silhouettes (Ext. Mix) – Avicii
12. Where Have You Been (Ext. Mix) – Rihanna
13. Let’s Go (Remix) – Calvin Harris feat. Ne-Yo
14. The Night Out (Remix) – Martin Solveig
15. I Wish I Never Met You (Remix) – Sam Sparro
16. DJ, Ease My Mind (Remix) – Niki And The Doves
17. Primadonna (Remix) – Marina And The Diamonds

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