MKW in Douglas Coupland Toronto Installation

21 Sep

I will be playing the part of a “sexy zombie teacher” (although the sexy part is surely debatable) in Canadian author and artist Douglas Coupland’s installation at Toronto City Hall, September 29th, 2012 7pm-7am.

The project entitled “Museum of The Rapture, 2012” is part of Toronto’s “Nuit Blanche“, an all night free art and street festival that takes over downtown annually.

Visitors will pass through a maze of signage and living tableaux that use the religious notion of The Rapture as an embarkation point to an exploration of the separation of mind and body. Coupland believes that technology has changed us so thoroughly that most of what we do in our daily lives would be impossible to even explain to people 50 years ago.

“Toronto’s creepy, compressed City Hall parking garage merely highlights the notion of the individual being part of a system that’s larger than themselves, and that has been in motion for decades. I want visitors to be weirded out. Then I want them to be a bit angry.  And then I want them to realize that there’s no going back and that the future is all we have. I want people capturing the event on their smartphones to feel as if they’re filming dark unspoken dreams.” – Douglas Coupland

The installation will be held at Toronto City Hall underground parking garage, 100 Queen Street West.

For more on this and all festival info, visit the Nuit Blanche website.

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