Furry Creek Cast Member On Amazing Race Canada

18 Jun

The always hilarious Ryan Steele whom you may recognize as Freddy Freeland in Season 1 and upcoming Season 2% of “The Face of Furry Creek” will be competing with his friend Rob Goddard on the Amazing Race Canada!

Watch him get lost trying to follow simple directions starting July 8th on CTV. And then watch him in The Face of Furry Creek – Season 2% this fall on OUTtv! Oh, did I mention Furry Creek will have a season 1 marathon followed by a “sneak peak” of season 2% (aka the entire first episode) on Labour Day weekend? Well, now I did.

Go Freddy!


Ryan Steele from “The Face of Furry Creek” and “The Ryan and Amy Show” competes on Amazing Race Canada.


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