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2 New Documentaries Coming This Summer

2 Apr

I’ve been busy over the course of the cold, bitter winter, finishing up 2 new documentaries I directed that are slated to air on OUTtv this summer as part of the “OUTspoken Biography” docuseries.

They Came From Venus takes a look at the last 20 years of The House of Venus art collective and how it shaped LGBT culture across Canada. Yes, yes, I was a part of that collective for a time and spearheaded The House of Venus Show but this isn’t about that! The documentary focuses on co-founder Michael Venus as he prepares for the 20th annual Wiggle show and traces the origins and influence of this unique art collective as it relates to nightlife, music and drag culture. With DJ Dickey Doo, Greg George/Luka, Douglas Coupland and many Venus “kids” from the last 20 years.

Take Up The Torch is an inspiring look at the heroes, past and present, making the Canadian sports landscape more LGBT-inclusive. From Olympic Gold Medalist Mark Tewksbury’s coming out in 1998 to the controversy in Sochi 2014 to the unprecedented growth of the Pride House movement, my pal and co-director Michael Yerxa and I explore the hurdles (awful pun intended obviously!) leading up to a major announcement by The Canadian Olympic Committee. Starring Olympians Mark Tewksbury, Charline Labonté, Anastasia Bucsis and John Fennell.

I will, of course, post trailers and air dates as soon as they are confirmed.


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