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New Company and New Series

7 May

mkw_march2018After a fantastic couple years of touring and promoting Two Soft Things, Two Hard Things, I’m thrilled to be behind (and maybe a little bit in front of) the camera again.

I’m headed back to TV for a new docuseries I’ve spearheaded and will have frequent collaborator Michael Yerxa working alongside me.

Mum’s the word on what it’s all about for now but I’ve started a brand new company for the project called We Demand Productions Inc. A double entendre of sorts, the new company is actually named after a group of about 100 politically minded gay men and women who travelled to Parliament Hill in Ottawa to present a list of demands to the Canadian federal government in 1971. They called themselves “We Demand” and, let’s face it, nobody has successfully fought for rights by asking politely so this is a nod to them. That alone is a pretty darn good clue as to what our new docuseries is all about. 😉

We are currently in the midst of production and the new series is slated for a spring 2019 release.

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