Film & Television

Film & Video – Feature Length

2016               Producer/Director Two Soft Things, Two Hard Things

2015               Producer/Director Take Up The Torch (Documentary)

2015               Producer/Director They Came From Venus (Documentary)

2013               Producer/Director Is the Village Dying? (Documentary)

2008              Producer/Writer/Directer Deb and Sisi (Feature Film)



2019-            Executive Producer/Director Pride: The LGBTQ+ History Series                          (Docuseries)

2013-2016   Supervising Producer/Director OUTspoken (8 Episodes)                                              (Docuseries)

2015             Producer/Director This is Drag (Feature Documentary)

2013-2014   Executive Producer/Writer The Face of Furry Creek (Season 1 & 2)                            (TV Series)

2012-2013    Segment Producer/Reporter Outlook TV (TV Series)

2005-2009   Executive Producer/Writer The House of Venus Show  (Season 1-3)                         (TV Series)


Digital Media Projects & Web Series

2017           Director Never Apart: Artist Visits (Short Form x 12)

2014           Producer/Writer The Face of Furry Creek: Online Experience                                      (Season 2)

2013           Producer/Writer The Face of Furry Creek: Online Experience                                      (Season 1)



2015              Director The 519/Queens Care (Commercial and Short Form)

2015              Director Deerhurst & Horseshoe Skyline Hotels (Commercials x 2)

2014              Writer/Director Coffee Frenemies Starbucks (Commercial)

2014              Writer/Director Pride By Design HSBC (Short Form)


Film & Video – Shorts

2008              Producer/Director Odyle (Heloise & The Savoir Faire)                                                   (Music Video)

2008              Producer/Writer Pimp & Ho: The Dragon Fairy (Short)

2006              Producer/Director In Berlin (Michael Venus) (Music Video)

2005              Producer/Director My Heart Belongs To Data (Media Art)

2005              Producer/Writer Pimp & Ho: Sissy Sins (Short)

2005              Producer/Writer Pimp & Ho: Terror In Pansy Hills (Short)

2005              Producer/Writer White(ness) (Media Art)

2004              Producer/Writer Holy Matrimony Billy! (Short)

2004              Producer/Director Backroom (Bouncin In Da) (Dixmix)                                                   (Music Video)

2004              Producer/Writer Designer Gays (Short)

2003              Producer/Writer Shop Until We All Drop (Short)

2003              Producer/Writer 6pm In America (Short)

2002              Producer/Writer Public Gender Announcements (Media Art)

2002              Producer/Writer Pimp & Ho: Queer Fashion Crime Models (Short)

2002              Producer/Writer Pimp & Ho: Licence To Queer (Short)

2001              Producer/Writer Pimp & Ho: Adventures in Queersploitation (Short)

2001              Producer/Writer The Heterosexual Agenda (Short)

2000              Producer/Writer Thank You Kate Bornstein (Media Art)

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