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The Face of Furry Creek Goes Online, Worldwide and Free!

1 Jun

Furry Creek is “hooking you up”. With The Face of Furry Creek series that is. Starting today, you can watch all 12 full episodes completely free on faceoffurrycreek.com. No strings attached!

It’s just like Netflix but with only 1 show so it’s totally not at all like Netflix. Also, unlike Netflix, you can also explore the rest of the Furry Creek website to find crazy amounts of bonus material!

Hook up now and “swipe right” to watch what Blouin Artinfo called “gutsy satire that needs more attention”, Homorazzi called “clever and entertaining” and Daily Xtra exclaimed “If you missed it, you’re clearly not smoking weed or laughing enough”. Huh?

So get to know the world of Furry Creek!



What is The Face of Furry Creek? – Season 2 Cast Interviews

28 Aug

Our cast gathered together to explain the TV series, digital experience and upcoming changes in Season 2 of The Face of Furry Creek. A certain Mr. Ryan Steele was dressing in drag in Macau on The Amazing Race Canada at the time so we improvised. Quite nicely I might add.

Face of Furry Creek Marathon and Season 2 Preview

25 Aug

Season 2% of The Face of Furry Creek officially debuts on September 8th so it’s time to refresh your memory or catch up if you haven’t watched to show yet. Luckily, OUTtv is holding a Season 1 marathon Sunday, August 31st from 8pm-11pm! But that’s not all. Right after the marathon, they are showing the first episode of Season 2% early as a sort of “sneak peek” for the fans! So mark your calendars, set your PVR’s and get plenty of 2% milk and vodfee for the Furry Creek Season 1 Marathon and Season 2% preview!


Furry Creek Cast Member On Amazing Race Canada

18 Jun

The always hilarious Ryan Steele whom you may recognize as Freddy Freeland in Season 1 and upcoming Season 2% of “The Face of Furry Creek” will be competing with his friend Rob Goddard on the Amazing Race Canada!

Watch him get lost trying to follow simple directions starting July 8th on CTV. And then watch him in The Face of Furry Creek – Season 2% this fall on OUTtv! Oh, did I mention Furry Creek will have a season 1 marathon followed by a “sneak peak” of season 2% (aka the entire first episode) on Labour Day weekend? Well, now I did.

Go Freddy!


Ryan Steele from “The Face of Furry Creek” and “The Ryan and Amy Show” competes on Amazing Race Canada.


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